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Take Back Your Weekends

A Better, Less Stressful Way to Do All You Do.

Find your Sweet Spot of Performance.

This is not your typical stress reduction and productivity program. It features new and proven concepts that I use myself and with my clients to overcome feeling overwhelmed. Because waiting for your to-do list to end is not the answer.

The To-Do List Won't Slow Down...

but you can.

Overwhelmed and stressed are not required to be successful. 

This program will show you a better, less stressful way.

During one of my client workshops, a senior leader said, "I'm scared I'll miss my kids' childhood."

He works every Saturday to catch up on everything on his plate. There's just too much to do, with too little time and too few resources. 

It's a common story. Whether you are working weekends, early mornings or late nights, the point is you need more time to live while honoring your desire to do an exceptional job at the office.

These unsustainable expectations have leaders across all industries teetering on the edge of burnout.

I hear a lot of professionals say, "One day I'll get caught up."

Unfortunately, no, you won't.

The workload doesn't stop. That's the reality you face as a successful professional.

If you want your weekends back, something about how you approach Monday to Friday has to change.

When all the other productivity tactics have failed you, this program will show you how to take control of your time and shift your relationship with stress and your never-ending to-do list.

Avoid a life of regret from working too much and constantly feeling stressed (it's not actually the way it needs to be despite society's expectation that it comes with the leadership territory.)

This three-part online training program will show you: 

  • how to find your sweet spot of performance by harnessing positive stress that will inspire and focus you, while diminishing destructive stress that makes you feel overwhelmed and is literally killing professionals. 

  • exactly why your never-ending to-do list doesn't need to cause you stress.

  • the step-by-step process I use with my clients to help them take control of their workload and feel organized, even though there is always more to do than there is time.

FYI: This is NOT your typical productivity and stress reduction program. Get ready for fresh, original concepts that will show you how to take back your weekends!


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Order today and I'll ship you a hard copy of the workbook that includes exclusive worksheets and insights in the mail. 

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You'll receive a one-on-one coaching call with me at no-charge. Unlock your personal link to schedule your call inside the program.

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Course curriculum

Take a Sneak Peek

  • 2

    Situational Awareness

    • Your Challenges List (Instructions)

    • Worksheet: Your Challenges List (Download)

    • Good + Bad Stress and How it Steals Your Capacity to Function

    • A Quick Quiz

    • Tasks v.s. Obstalces v.s. Adversity (T.O.A.)

    • The Causes of Destructive Stress

    • The T.O.A. Concept in Action

    • Recap + Another Example of T.O.A. in Action

    • Your Better Less Stressful Way

  • 3


  • 4

    Solution Activation

    • An Important Assignment

    • Workbook: Sweet Spot of Productivity and Performance (Instruction)

    • Workbook: Sweet Spot of Productivity and Performance (Download)

    • Where does your time go?

    • Find your high-productivity flow

    • Create Your Buckets

    • Break Down Projects

    • Recap: Organize Your Task Circles

    • Fill Your Week

    • When there are just too many ice cubes to do in the time available

    • Some Quick Tips to Take Back Time

    • Do This When You Feel Overwhelmed

    • Troubleshooting + Conclusion

  • 5

    Bonuses and Next Steps

    • Bonus Coaching Call Booking Link

    • Next Options

Your Instructor

Allison Graham

A few highlights: I've written some books and have been speaking to audiences since 2006 when I opened my company Elevate Seminars + Strategic Development Inc. I believe most stress is unnecessary and with a shift in perspective and a few small tweaks, destructive stress can be lowered, mental health can be improved and we'll all have a lot fewer regrets in our lives. Join me on this journey of self discovery.


  • What's included in the program?

    The program includes various learning modules that are very easy to navigate. There are 14 videos, quizzes, worksheets, audio lessons and assignments. Take a free preview of some of the lesson modules if you'd like to see inside. Also, while supplies last you will receive bonuses (if they are still being offered on this page, they are still available.)

  • I'm busy, how long will this program take?

    Invest time today to buy back time tomorrow! I've spent decades developing these concepts - and have distilled these ideas into bite-sized pieces for you. I know you've got lots on your plate - which is why I only chose to include information that I know will help you take control of your time. The videos total just over 2 hours and are broken into small videos from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. Once you learn these concepts, implementing will become part of your daily routine and take approximately 15 minutes a week! That's all.

  • Questions about money and guarantees.

    A couple questions you may ask: Why do I charge US dollars? It's standard to charge USD for online programs that are available globally. If you need HST charged, please email me directly for a separate invoice. What money back guarantee do you offer? If you go through the entire program and don't think it's worth the value, let me know why and if I can't fix it, I will not only give you your money back, I will still honor the free coaching session! What if I can't afford the program, but desperately want it? I get it - money can get tight. You can choose to pay for the program in 3 payments of $175USD. Also, I have a handful of scholarships available for people who are facing tough times and just can't swing the fee right now. To quality for one of these scholarships, please send me an email with your request, an explanation and a message about why you think you would benefit from the program, and I'll see what I can do for you!

  • I want my whole team to learn this, what should I do?

    That's great news. This type of message is always more effective when everyone on the team is on the same page! You have options. Buy each person their own access code, so they can learn as they go. If you have more than 10 team members, please ask me about bulk pricing. (Yes, you *could* buy one license and share it with everyone, but the program is designed with worksheets, quizzes and personal assignments that can only be done once so it would lose effectiveness.) Your second option is to have me do a customized group program virtually or on-site. To explore this option, please email me.

Don't Delay - Your Weekends are Waiting for You!

If you want to succeed without the intense, destructive stress, then something has to shift. If you're tired of trite advice, like just breathe (although you do need to breathe!) then this program has refreshing answers. Get the program + the FREE BONUSES!
Just click. Easiest thing you'll do today! ($495USD)